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Techs on the Go is designed for pets who have to come into West Main Veterinary Clinic on a monthly basis for injections. Instead of bringing your pet in monthly, you can now schedule an appointment on Thursdays for a Veterinary Technician and Assistant to come to your house to give your pet the necessary injection. The injections can be Librela, Zycortal, Cytopoint, Adequan, and Depo.  We want this service to be helpful for our clients and patients.
However, there is a disclaimer.

  • This is NOT a mobile Veterinarian.

  • Your pet MUST be up to date on their annual physical and vaccinations.

  • There will be no diagnostics during these appointments.

  • There will be a travel charge. 

  • We will have a 10 mile radius of travel from West Main Veterinary Clinic.

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